Plantain Chips

Unpack our chips of natural Nutrients

Nourish your body with our wholesome, nutrient-packed chips made from all-natural ingredients.

Greenco chips are decent sources of magnesium, potassium , vitamin A, and vitamin K, and supply some vitamins C and B vitamins, such as thiamin and riboflavin. It also contain flavonoids and phenols-antioxidants that help control inflammation.

Plantain Chips

Indulge in our deliciously crispy plantain chips, packed with natural flavors and wholesome goodness.

400g ripe chips

400g unripe chips

270g ripe chips (Export)

270g unripe chips (Export)

270g unripe chips

270g unripe chips


What you get when you Peel a Plantain

A good source of resistant starch, which promotes satiety and enhances "good" gut bacteria


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